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Wellness and
Body Shaping

About Us

We are a boutique fitness studio originating in Brisbane. Different from other pilates studios we not only look after our clients body shape but also their health and well-being. We offer high-energy small group classes, including Reformer Pilates, Fat Burn Pilates, Stretch Pilates, 

Radio Frequency Fat Burning Treatment, Moving Cupping Treatment and Postnatal Treatments.

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How After Pilates Help?

Wellness Products

Class Start Whenever You Decide

Over 50 in-studio classes weekly

Pilates Trainer

Try new classes and cultural styles

Offering awesome styles of classes you can try out including Reformer Pilates, Fat Burn Pilates, Stretch Pilates, and Pre & Post Natal Reformer

Physical Therapy Session

Medical Professional

Our professional team guide you through your health and fitness

With experience of traditional postpartum practices

Natural Beauty

Help Shaping Body

Including assistive cosmetic device, traditional culture massage, diet, body shaping , pre and post natal service

Client Review

Yoga Teacher

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